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Lose upto one pound a day with hcg diet plan

hp_hero_1Dr. Simeon’s new dietary plan is destined to receive widespread accolades.  All the dietary plans have been mentioned with a very valid reason thus justifying the whole idea and giving strength to the fact that this diet plan actually works.

With the introduction of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin into the human body the fat which sticks to the muscle and makes the body bloat gets slowly broken and absorbed into the body. When complimented with the diet mentioned by Dr. Simeons, the weight loss starts to get rapid and smooth without the risk of any side effects.

There is an added advantage that the HCG which is taken orally in the form of drops helps in preventing the deterioration of muscles when the body is subjected to a starvation diet which is quite risky and useless.

Dr-Albert-SimeonsDr. Simeons claim that the whole plan if taken in the correct adequate fashion can help in losing 1500 to 2000 calories a day. This makes it believable that losing a pound a day would not be much of a problem.

The dietary plan itself suggests that the second phase which lasts from 21-40 days should be stopped after one loses 34 pounds.  This indicates that losing at least one pound in a day would not be much of a problem. Losing weight can occur only after one take immense amount of efforts after the 2-day gorge period to get over the previous rating habits by limiting oneself to the 500 calorie plan.

There are strict instructions of removing visible fats from the food such as beef, shrimp, lobsters etc must be followed with milk consumption of not more than one table spoon.

With such a minimal calorie range which reduces the appetite due to heaviness of the food, it is really effective for the short period of time.

The latter additions of 2000 calorie which involves very less intake of carbohydrates is a good start to come back to an almost  regular diet in third phase. It helps the food deprived body develop a new eating rhythm. This is where most of the people give up and come back to square one. It is tough to manage such a stringent 2000 calorie rule for three weeks. If this stage is attained then it is evident that weight loss for that person has been achieved and that lucky person can move on to the final fourth phase of maintaining the same diet for the rest of the life with starch and sugar intake in the required amounts without over taxing the body.

HCGs act stops at the beginning of the third stage when the required dosage ends. That is the stage or the point of time when it is up to the person who wants to lose weight to decide the future, the art of self control and patience are tested in the strangest ways. But losing one pound a day is quite believable if worked upon religiously with good physical activity such as walking and good fluid balance in the body such as water.

When all factors are in the right place and the determination is high, this rate of weight loss is achievable.

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