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Would you like a safe and effective way to lose 15-30 unwanted pounds in a month?

Introducing the last diet product you’ll ever need to buy!

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If you’ve been having trouble finding the HCG drops that work for you, then today is your lucky day.

We are here to help you find the perfect product that will change your life.  HCG drops are a safe and effective way to lose weight WITHOUT losing lean muscle mass, WITHOUT being hungry, AND without experiencing body weakness.

We are talking about a safe, effective, and practically EFFORTLESS way to drop unwanted pounds and have the body you’ve always wanted!

You have obviously heard of a natural hormone supplement called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin drops, better known as HCG drops.  The HCG hormone is produced during the early stages of pregnancy, and it just so happens to burn excess body fat around the arms, thighs, and waist.  Pretty cool, huh?  Well, some genius decided that a synthetic variant of this hormone could supply just the right amount of boost needed to rid those of us who are “big boned” of some unwanted pounds in these specific areas.

And guess what:

Combined with a 500,800 or 1200 calorie diet cleverly called an HCG diet, these HCG drops will allow you to burn 0.5-1 pounds of unwanted fat PER DAY!

Choosing the Best HCG Drops

The first order of business before beginning the last weight loss journey you’ll ever need to take is to determine the most effective HCG drops for your specific weight loss goals. Determining which brand of real HCG drops is the most effective, efficient product to achieve your results is not always easy, but we can help you determine the right product by providing informative HCG drops reviews and accurate analysis of the various HCG drops that are available on the market.

Comparative Analysis between Different hCG Products:

  • Effectiveness
  • Fat Burn Rate
  • Ingredients Quality
  • Side Effects
  • Success Rate
  • Online Support
  • Naturality
  • Reversal Rate
  • Refund Policy
  • Offers
  • Works with
  • Manufactured in FDA approved Lab
Top Rated
HCG Complex
Works with 500,800,1200 Calorie Diet
  • 95-98%
  • 95%
  • No
  • 98-99%
  • Yes
  • 100%
  • 0.2%
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Buy 1 Get 1 Free
  • 500,800,1200 Calorie Diet
  • Yes
  • Read Review
HCG 1234
  • 80-85%
  • 80%
  • No
  • 85%
  • No
  • 89%
  • 2%
  • No
  • No
  • Not Specified
  • Yes
  • Read Review
HCG Triumph
  • 70-80%
  • 75%
  • No
  • 80%
  • No
  • 85%
  • 2%
  • NO
  • No
  • Not Specified
  • Yes
  • Read Review

It is important to be aware of the many shady products claiming to be real HCG drops peddled to uninformed, unsuspecting buyers on the market. Many products claiming to be HCG drops actually do not contain HCG hormone in any measurable amount, leaving consumers who purchase the products to use as weight loss supplements feeling cheated and discouraged. These inferior products which contain only trace amounts of the hormone are usually labeled as homeopathic.  Be aware that it is the non-homeopathic products which actually contain measurable amounts of HCG hormone and will demonstrate superior weight-loss results which are simply incomparable to the ineffective homeopathic HCG drops.

With the knowledge that non-homeopathic HCG drops are desired, actually distinguishing between homeopathic and non-homeopathic HCG products is simple. Homeopathic HCG drops are usually labeled as such, and although they have gimmicky labels claiming the amount of HCG hormone includes as 2x,4x, etc., you must be sure to check the ingredients to obtain accurate information on which to base your selection. Always remember that the non-homeopathic drops are the superior products and the only type which can produce the desired results.

We Made It Easy To Choose:

There are a variety of choices even among non-homeopathic HCG hormone products.  The plethora of emerging HCG drop choices can make it a confusing and difficult task to choose where to buy the HCG drops right for you. In order to help you navigate the choices available, we conducted some research to help determine the best available HCG hormone product for weight loss.  Our market research included asking our customers to rate their best HCG drop experience and to give a brief testimony of their preferred product.

We have narrowed down the best HCG products available to three choices: HCG Complex, HCG Triumph, and HCG 1234.  Among these three products, an overwhelming majority of participating customers preferred the HCG Complex to the other products.  We have further endeavored to help you by preparing a detailed comparison of the products mentioned above, where you visually compare and see the advantages of HCG Complex.  These comparisons are made by gathering information from customers who have used these products and rating the products according to their perceived performance in three areas: burning excess fat, success ratios, and reversal ratios.


Real hCG Drops is the safest option among all the available sublingual drops supplements available in the market. Homeopathic hCG Drops is a proven weight-loss result in just a few weeks. hCG Diet has no side effects. hCG Drops is a healthy and organic product that will literally change your life. hCG Drops developed on the basis of Dr. Albert T. W. Simeons’ famous diet plan from his manuscript, “Pounds and Inches” is the safest and best possible option. The 500 calorie a day, very low-calorie diet plan has revitalised the weight loss drop program.

Any kind of super-low calorie diet will aid in weight loss. Dietary limits ensure that you lose around 500 calories per day while consuming hCG, by consuming homeopathic options like oral hCG drops, sprays and pellets. You can purchase these at any store. The FDA does not sanction these. Until a healthcare provider provides you with these, they are illegal. There also some speculation that FDA has warned various companies supplying homeopathic products by sending letters.

Tea, water and coffee with a limit of 2 liters on the amount of water ingested are the specific drinks allowed in the hCG Diet plan. No medicines or any cosmetic products apart from simple products like eyebrow pencils and lipstick should be used as it could deter the hCG Diet Phases. No dressing or oils are to be used for seasoning and only salt, pepper, parsley, thyme and other such natural ingredients form part of hCG Diet Phase.

Homeopathy is the next widely used method of medicine globally. It is the first medical procedure for big populations in many countries for multiple years. Allopathic medicine is the second choice. Homeopathy has been tried for generations with no negative drawbacks and side effects, unlike allopathic medicines. Its quality has developed dramatically over the past few decades because homeopathy is efficient, entirely natural and secure enough to be utilized. There are no harmful side effects with homeopathic remedies and they can be consumed with the other medications without being concerned regarding reverse reactions.

The Journey Begins: The HCG Diet + HCG Complex

One you have acquired your HCG Complex, it is time to implement the corresponding HCG drops diet and begin experiencing the weight-loss you have yearned for.  The HCG diet protocol consists of two main parts: a 500,800 or 1200 calorie diet and your HCG Complex weight loss drops.  If you follow the instructions in self-administering your HCG drop sand strictly follow your 500 calorie diet, you are sure to experience the body transformation you desire.

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